Brilliant Things In Japan That We Wish Could Be Found Everywhere

Japan is well known for having some really cool inventions and innovations. They are great at developing technology and being creative in numerous ways. Here we have a selection of brilliant things in Japan that makes us all want to visit the country. Other countries should think about following their examples! 

  1. This toilet seat sure has a lot going on. I thought a bidet was enough, until this happened.

2. Capsule hotels are a thing in Japan. Apparently, people go here to get a good, cheap sleep. It looks so cozy, I could stay there for days!


3. Dreaming of a place where you and your feline friend could have a friendly date? This is certainly the perfect place to chill. The best thing about this is that your pet could even make new friends.


4. This heated table is called Kotatsu. This table is heated from below and is wrapped with a perfectly cozy blanket. If you want to take a nap after having a nice cup of tea, this might be pretty convenient.


5. Some gasoline stations in Japan have overhead pumps. It is there so the drivers can load up their cars easier through the pipes hanging from above.


6. With Japan’s booming population comes a great number of vehicles. This compact parking is a great idea to conserve space in parking lots.


7. This chair would really be a great help. You won’t have to worry so much about where to put your bag because you can just simply hang it on the side of your chair.


8. This type of can is made to help blind people. Way to go, Japan. A lot of drink manufacturers should start taking notes!


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9. In Japan, you can also still chill and relax even while you’re commuting. You can find these hot spas in some special suburban trains.


10. Japan even has the sweetest and most thoughtful people. Do not be surprised if you receive a free tissue in random streets, it’s common courtesy there.


11. Taxis in Japan has automatic doors. This is especially convenient if your hands are full.


12. Worried about entertainment for your long road trip? Japan has you covered. There are a few roads there that plays harmonious melodies while people are on the road.


13. These speakers were built to make public announcement. In times of emergency, these loudspeakers are put to use.


14.  Vending machines with sodas and crackers seemed too mainstream, so they went further. Their vending machines have fries, baked potatoes, salad, and even dog food.


15. It is important to bring a stress reliever at work. One way to cope with stress it to have these key ring with built-in bubble wraps. Unlimited popping!


16. Lastly, to wrap things up why Japan wins the best place to live- you can legally sleep while working.  This allows workers to take a nap. If you think about it, it’s great idea since we’re most productive after having a good rest.