25 Tattoos That Should Have Stayed On Paper

Tattoos allow people to wear the art on their skin. But what if the art that was inked on you didn’t live up to your expectations? Of course, you’d be disappointed and frustrated just like these people who got themselves some horrible tattoo fails. And if ‘regret’ has a face, the look on these unfortunate people’s faces should befit it.

We at Awesome Inventions don’t hesitate to feature impressive tattoos to give tattoo enthusiasts some ideas or inspirations. But we also need to be fair and show you the ‘ugly side’ of this art. If you’re planning to get inked, these epic fails might give you an idea of what NOT to do. While it is now possible to remove permanent tattoos on skin, the treatment is generally costly and requires several sessions to completely remove the ink. Sometimes, even these expensive treatments can’t completely erase permanent tattoos.


Funny Tattoo Fails

In order to avoid wasting more money trying to remove or cover up a horrendous tattoo, it’s crucial to find a good tattoo artist that can do the job the way you want it. Keep in mind that you’re getting a permanent art. Hence, choosing the right artist to draw the art on you shouldn’t be based on a hit-or-miss decision. Take time to search by visiting several studios and checking their works personally. If you have friends with nice tattoos on them, ask them for a recommendation.


“Ahh yes, the constellation of Aries. Paid nearly $100 for this.”


“Earning trust back”


“John Potter? Harry Lennon? The world may never know.”

Most professional tattoo artists have websites or social media pages where clients can find their shop’s location. More importantly, artists usually post their bios and pictures of the works they have done to give people some insights of what to be expected from them. If an artist claims to be ‘professional’ but doesn’t have a single social media account, consider it a red flag. Also, if a studio or artist doesn’t offer a free cover-up or refund in case of fails, take that as a hint and run away.


“Looks like the the dates they were murdered”


Is that a hand tumor?


A 5-Year-Old Can Make A Better Doodle Than That


“Don’t do drugs, kids”


Even Simba Is Confused With Mufasa’s Face


“Sure is, pal”


“The resemblance is uncanny, just unbelievable!”


Joke’s On You, Joker


At Least The Smiley Face Was Done Right


“She’s tired of being played”


Luffy Looks Tired. It’s Time To Give Him A Break


“Mother of god what is that?”


“My buddy’s ‘desert skyline’ tattoo”


Looks Like He Got Hit In The Face With A Flat Iron


Pirate Pikachu


“This hurts to look at”


“I was young and dumb. And no, it’s not a slice of orange”


“Can’t call it”


“My brother decided to buy his own tattoo gun…”


Wait, He Has Fangs?!


The Spelling Got Us Psyched

So, take our advice if you don’t want to end up with bad tattoo fails that will give you an everlasting shame.