Photos of People Who Suffered from Unfortunate Events

As much as we refuse to believe in bad luck, we just can’t explain the reason why some people are plagued by it, and end up having to endure some unfortunate events. There is no explanation other than the fact that some people are just cursed. Although we also have our fair share of lucky days, there are still horrible moments occurring one after the other in a single day. When it rain, it pours indeed. A day filled with a series of unfortunate events seems too much to handle. But these people survived their most dreadful day and shared them with the world. Check out these photos of people suffered from unfortunate events and be grateful it’s not you who had to deal with these things.



But… how long is he gonna hold that bowl against the ceiling to prevent the spider from getting away?

Pay attention, ladies. It’s dangerous to play around an open manhole.

There’s really something missing here.

They live to deliver by all means.

This kid is gonna be scarred for life. Don’t ever believe them when they say peacocks are nice because they’re not.

Your backpack needs some fresh air, so just let it be.

Paint typically takes 4-6 hours to dry. So you have all those times to wait and ponder what went wrong. Bad day, indeed!

When bad luck ruins your day



A mother ordered a cake through text and asked the confectioner to put a figure of a blond girl on top. The cake arrived and the mother later realized that her phone auto-corrected the word blond to blind. Oops.

Curlers can either curl your eyelashes or cut them off. Pure bad luck!

Some unfortunate events cannot be resolved. Cars definitely need to warm up in the winter. But not this kind of warm.

Can’t live without your phone? How far will you go for that beloved possession?

Does my leg look like a banana to you?

Can your phone survive extreme heat? This phone was accidentally dropped and baked in a cake and it miraculously survived! A spot of luck, we think!

Riding a roller-coaster is a thrilling experience. But getting stuck on a malfunctioning roller-coaster is blood-tingling.

Well, at least both shoes are the same color.