Extremely Lucky People Who Narrowly Escaped Disaster

All over the world, unfortunate events are inevitable. No matter how we try to avoid it, sometimes bad things happen. Sadly, sometimes these incidents leave people hurt, injured or with damaged possessions. That being said, there are also some lucky people that manage to swerve disaster in a miraculous manner.

Extremely lucky people

#1 The driver of this vehicle is incredibly lucky to be alive. 

#2 That feeling you get when you seemed to have hit the jackpot.

#3 Now this banana could last a week. Such a humongous banana you get there.

#4 A few inches more and there would have been a totally different outcome.

#5 This is the universe telling you that you are still lucky despite your problems. Now, a lot of people can really relate to this fear of dropping something into the elevator shaft and we’re glad it did not happen to this person.

#6 Is this lemon even for real?

#7 Perhaps something fell but eventually started to walk away.

#8 He’s truly one lucky guy. Just look at his smile of success. So who are you calling a nerd now?

#9 The owner of this car must have been so relieved after this incident happened.

#10 Luckily, she wasn’t tasty enough for the shark.

#11 Still lucky enough that it didn’t reach the inner parts. But it still looks wrong. Ouch!

#12 If all chips were just like this one, many people would truly be happy.

#13 When your teacher feels your need to have that one correct answer for you to pass the exam. A teacher with compassion, indeed.

#14 This lucky guy found a fortune in the chest of drawers he bought at an yard sale.

#15 Double the nutrients and double the yum.

#16 This might be close call but would you believe, not a single scratch was obtained by this car.

#17 Someone or something was looking out for this person on this day. 

#18 Giant donut! 

#19 We’ve definitely saved the best for last. Such an adorable creature to have been saved from an unfortunate event. His eyes looked kind of scared though.

#20 A bird saves the day by hiding this speeding car’s license plate on police camera. Winner!

#21 Who would have thought?

#22 Just an inch away. God was looking down on this lucky driver today.

#23 Well, at least it’s pure vegetable. Couldn’t comment more though.

#24 Generosity definitely knows no limitations. This would make us so happy.

#25 This may seem lucky but the battle isn’t over yet! 

#26 My view from yesterday’s flight.

#27 No ER visits for this guy. The nail missed his foot and passed between his toes, fortunately.

#28 This 5-leaf clover means double the luck, right?

#29 Apparently, staying late in the office has its perks.

#30 Wouldn’t you just love this to happen to you?

#31 Wow. Now that is a stroke of luck right there.

#32 When you get the same ticket numbers for different buses on the same day. Coincidence or…?

#33 When that dreaded plane journey becomes an awesome one!

#34 Now that little face says it all.

#35 This could have been so different!

#36 It was their lucky day, indeed!

#37 My luck at throwing knives.

#38 An avocado lover’s dream!

#39 This lucky person’s guardian angel deserves an award.

#40 Now that is what you call an onion ring!

#41 “We found a safe in our floor while renovating the house.”

#42 2 cones in 1 pack of ice cream. Jackpot!

#43 Thank heavens!

#44 Today’s English test.

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