Roommate Pranks That Made Living With Other People More Fun

Having to live with other people under the same roof isn’t all that bad, until your roommate pranks you! Then it’s a whole new ballgame! But there are also benefits to living with people. First of all, it gives you the chance to make new friends. Second, you’ll get someone to share the chores. Third, you’ll never be alone because you always have someone to talk to. More importantly, you’ll never feel bored because you have someone to play pranks on, especially if you’re a trickster. Pulling practical jokes and sharing a good laugh with your roommates can build stronger friendships among you. Let these troll masters show you how it’s done with these roommate pranks that made living with other people more fun.




What a disappointing treat…

Dirty dishes? But the sink is too tidy.

You know your roommate missed playing with snow when you see this in your freezer.

Wieners! Wieners everywhere!

When you need to get up at 4am and you see this creepy snowman left at the door by your wicked roommate.

Your roommates are generous enough if they leave a slice of pizza for you.

How to tell your roommates to throw away their old shoes.

Practical jokes pulled on housemates that will make you laugh out loud



Passing out at a party is like giving your roommates a toy to play with.

What a thoughtful roommate you have.

April is certainly not the best month for roommates.

Because bacon cures everything. So there you go, apology accepted.

In case you’ve forgotten, let these sweet petals remind you. Haha!

How to terrorize a shark-o-phobia roommate. By the way, fear of sharks is actually called galeophobia, and yes, it exists.

Similarly, there are also people who have fear of clowns. If your roommate is one of these people, here’s an effective way to traumatize them.

I think it’s time to tell you roommate to stop drinking at night.

Have you seen some roommate pranks you’d like to try? Or perhaps have a few tricks up your sleeve you’d like to share? Let us know!