People Who Are Having the Worst Unforgettable Day Ever

There are days that are so memorable that we want to cherish forever. Sadly, there are also those times where we have the worst unforgettable day ever that we just want to erase from our memories. A day can go awful whether we like it or not. And just like how we savor the happy moments, we have no choice but to endure the bad times. As much as we want to forget the humiliating events of our lives, it’s just impossible. These atrocious memories will keep on haunting our thoughts every now and then. So instead of trying hard to forget about it, laugh and share your stories and let the world know about it. Have a look at these people who are having the worst unforgettable day ever. Enjoy and have a good laugh.



A trailer truck tried to do a turn but failed. Now no one will be able to pass through this road.

This tragedy happens when the container lid isn’t tight enough. Epic fail!

Money counting machines can only accept money bills. So what happens when it accidentally sucks in your hair? Someone would certainly take a photo of your humiliation.

Worst unforgettable day ever! Table ruined by an ice-cold drink placed on the table that was heated from the sun.

A vending machine may not be your closest friend if both your sandwich and drink get stuck.

This is definitely the last thing you’d want to see if you’re the baker who made these goodies.

Misfortune can still haunt you even when you’re dead.

Bad days we would all love to forget about



Wow, now this is the worst unforgettable day ever for this person.

Nooooo!! The quick transition from being extremely delighted to being extremely disappointed.

Do they have some kind of a magnet in their trunk?

No, you can’t use fire to dry your clothes.

Seems like you have no choice but to commute by a taxi for now.

You can just picture the poor soul walking into this door instead of the open one.

Not a good day to be working at this grocery store.

So unfortunate. When your fake hair is too afraid to hit the water.  It’s just not her day!