Luckless People Who Just Can’t Catch A Break In Luck

Are you having a bad day? I bet your worst day doesn’t even come close to the misfortunes of these luckless people. Never expect life to be always good because bad days will come sooner or later. And it’s up to us to deal with it because failure and bad luck are inevitable. But some people have better ways to deal with their own misfortunes. These luckless people prefer to take a photo of their bad luck to share to the world. And they don’t mind you laughing at them. So feel free to laugh and forget about your own bad day for a while.



When you wake up still sleepy that you can’t even distinguish a bowl from a strainer.

Twitter | elizabug789

How troublesome is it to replace a photocopier’s toner? Not as a troublesome as cleaning up this mess, I think.

Reddit | Thaisen__

Well, that looks exciting. I mean, what can’t you possibly do with your clothes on?


Flaunting a hairy leg can be an icky sight. But if you’re not too comfortable, you can do it halfway.

eBaum’s World

It’s always practical to invest on a reliable TV wall mount. That is if you really want to save your expensive flat TV in the long run.

Reddit | Cwowwzers

Not all chocolates taste the same. This kid certainly won’t be eating any chocolate any time soon.

Instagram | tinassecret

Who needs an eyebrow pencil when you can wear this winter cap that can raise your eyebrows to amazing heights.

eBaum’s World

Unlucky people having a bad day


This dish has a secret recipe that will unlock your sense of taste and appetite.

Reddit | Hyruxs

Phones are just like ladies. They also want to look their best by wearing some make-up on.

Twitter | vjehssica

The owner of this car will have one bad day. But not as bad as the person who accidentally spilled this disaster.

Twitter | mattjameswright

Technology is convenient but it can also become bothersome. Now you’ll have to wait for an hour for a cup of ice-cold water. Hold your thirst for a little longer.

Reddit | esberat

Imagine how many dishes those dish-washing liquids could wash.  Now all they did was to wash the floor.

Reddit | HurricaneBetsy

This groomsman is about to ruin this wedding and it looks like it’s going to be painful.

The Chive

We don’t get to see a fried car everyday so we might as well behold this sight while we have the chance.

car on fire luckless people
Twitter | merkeezy

How a simple data-entry could really test your patience. Would it be more convenient to just write down the numbers than to use this drop-down thing?

Reddit | EmperorBulbax