Hostess Has Released New Bottled Ice Lattes In Delicious Flavors

Hostess still proves to be the snack cake brand with the mostess. Seriously, it’s a brand that keeps on giving. Not too long ago, the brand blessed us with a delectable range of dessert-inspired beverage mixes. Now, Hostess is gearing towards bottled beverages, in the form of ready-to-drink flavored iced lattes. One thing’s for sure, we’ve got our eyes on the Twinkies Iced Lattes!

These flavored iced latte drinks feature the brand’s iconic snack cakes including Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Honey Bun and Sno Balls. What’s even more exciting is that they stay true to their actual snack cake tastes. So, it’s basically like transforming your favorite dessert treat into a cool caffeinated beverage! Now that sounds like our ultimate go-to drink for summer!


Hostess’ new line of bottled beverages consists of flavored iced lattes inspired by its classic snack cakes

Hostess Iced Latte Variants
Trilliant Food & Nutrition

The Twinkies variant features a classic golden sponge cake flavor with some creamy notes. The Honey Bun drink boasts of a sweet honey flavor. The Ding Dongs-flavored one combines a decadent chocolate flavor with hints of vanilla. Lastly, the Sno Balls bottle is a blend of rich chocolate cake flavor and coconut. Knowing us, it’s likely impossible to choose just one among these flavors. That said, we’ll probably just try them all to make things less complicated. And obviously, we would suggest that you do the same.

So, if you prefer your morning coffee sweet, then Hostess’ new range of iced lattes is surely worth a try. If not, then it’s still a viable option for a delightful afternoon snack. After all, Christoph Zickler, marketing vice president for Trilliant, describes it as “the perfect, sweet-treat pick-me-up for any time of a day.” So, now you know what to reach for whenever you need to fuel your sugar rush.


In addition to cake-flavored coffee drinks, Hostess also offers coffee-flavored cakes

We’ve got word that Hostess’ new range of iced lattes will officially drop in April. Well, this gives us another reason to look forward to the warmer days ahead of us. And with summer just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before iced coffee drinks would reign supreme again. Luckily, we’ll have plenty of options by then.

Source: Trilliant Food & Nutrition