Hostess Has Released A Ding Dongs Hot Cocoa, Twinkies Cappuccino, Cup Cakes Cappuccino And More Dessert-Inspired Mixes

Our favorite golden sponge cake with a creamy filling is now in a drinkable form. Hostess partners up with Trilliant to bring us this delectable range of dessert-inspired beverages. Now we can drink our favorite snack cakes with the Twinkies Cappuccino, CupCakes Cappuccino, Sno Balls Cappuccino and Ding Dongs Hot Cocoa. All these sweet drink mixes taste like our favorite treats. Now that’s a new exciting way to enjoy these yummy pastries.

The new range of drink mixes features flavors inspired by the classic snack cakes. The famous Twinkies, CupCakes and Sno Balls now come in a delicious cappuccino drink mix made with 100% Arabica beans. And the Ding Dongs come in a classic hot cocoa drink mix.


Twinkies Cappuccino

The Twinkies Cappuccino features a savory coffee with notes of the classic sponge cake with a burst of vanilla. Every sip offers a balance of medium roast coffee beans and the sweet flavors of Twinkies cakes.

hostess twinkies cappuccino mix


twinkies cappuccino mix


Cup Cakes Cappuccino

If you prefer your coffee with a more chocolatey note then the CupCakes Cappuccino is for you. It features a mouthwatering blend of medium roast coffee and rich chocolate cupcake flavor with creamy notes of vanilla filling. On the other hand, the Sno Balls Cappuccino has a comforting flavor of luscious coffee with hints of marshmallow, coconut and sweet dark chocolate. It takes all the goodness of the Sno Balls cake and carries it into an aromatic cup of indulgence.

hostess cupcakes cappuccino mix


Sno Balls Cappuccino

hostess sno balls cappuccino mix


sno balls cappuccino mix


Ding Dongs Hot Cocoa

If you’re more of a hot cocoa person than a cappuccino person then the Ding Dongs Hot Cocoa is your perfect morning beverage. All chocolate lovers will surely love the taste of the classic chocolate drink with a unique twist. It features an extra rich chocolate cake flavors with notes of creamy vanilla filling.hostess ding dongs hot cocoa mix


ding dongs hot cocoa mix

All four Hostess drink mix variants come in coffee pods that are compatible with all single-serve brewers. Each flavor is packaged in a box containing 18 single serve cups and you can get them here. So, get your favorite treats in either cappuccino or hot cocoa versions now. You can also pair them with the actual snack cakes to get the full pastry flavor.

Get them here.

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