Hostess Have Released Iced Lemon Cupcakes To Bring On Those Spring Vibes

Hostess is releasing Iced Lemon CupCakes this spring/summer. This release follows the announcement of KitKat’s Lemon Crisp flavor. And if these snack brands’choice is any indication, then we can expect more zesty offerings coming our way! These cupcakes will definitely have everyone looking forward to snack time!

Incorporating lemon isn’t exactly a new concept for Hostess. They’ve got Lemon Fruit Pies and individually wrapped Iced Lemon Cakes in their mainstay offerings. But it’s the time for them to make lemon-flavored cupcakes. It’s been a long time coming but it’s definitely a welcome addition to their portfolio and our snack stash. I mean, I love anything that gives me that lemony zing without the bitterness or sourness.


These Iced Lemon Cupcakes contain fresh flavors that’ll tantalize your taste buds

Junk food junkie @junkfoodmom actually spotted these cupcakes at a Snacks and Sweets Expo last year. At that time, it was “under heavy taping (not touch)”, and she was left wondering when Hostess would ‘unwrap’ the cupcakes. Well, she (and we) need not wonder anymore, as they’re finally here! According the @junkfoodmom, the zesty new cupcakes feature “lemon frosting, lemon cake, and creamy filling”. And of course, the signature Hostess swirl can be found on top of every cupcake.

We’re gonna take her advice get ourselves ‘2 or 10 boxes’ once they officially hit shelves. Snackers are starting to spot them at their local supermarket shelves, like one of @impulsivebuy’s submitters. According to the post, the cupcakes were spotted at Jewl-Osco. Each box contains 8 zesty, individually wrapped cupcakes. It’s hard to miss the ‘limited edition’ label on its box, so you’d better get them while you can when you spot them at leading retailers like Walmart, Target and your local grocery stores.


Hostess hasn’t released anything official yet but we’re definitely on the look out for these yummy treats. Do you love lemon-flavored treats and sips? Tell us in the comment section!