12 Totally Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

It’s not completely uncommon to think of celebrities as something more than your average human. Because of the way that the media fixates on every little detail of the lives of famous people, you could be forgiven for thinking that they’re somehow better, and less prone to embarrassment, than us normal folks. But, the truth is that they’re just as awkward and clumsy! The only difference is, when they do something embarrassing, the whole world sees it! Check out these twelve totally embarrassing celebrity moments!

Could John Travolta have got Idina Menzel’s name any more wrong if he tried? We don’t think so!

Oh, Mel Gibson… how far you’ve fallen. You probably remember the anti-semitic remarks he made when he was pulled over for a DUI in 2006, but he was also taped yelling at a screenwriter, in 2012!

Paris Hilton also got in trouble for some bigoted remarks. She was recorded making homophobic comments, but claims her words were taken out of context. Right!

It might be a long time ago now, but in 1995, Hugh Grant was caught with a prostitute, ‘Divine Brown’. He didn’t try to talk himself out of that one, but admitted that he’d made a mistake.

Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the Oscars, but she joked about it and handled it like an absolute champ!

This was more than a simple embarrassing moment, Julianne Hough dressed up as ‘Crazy Eyes’ from ‘Orange is the New Black’ one Halloween. Did she not get the message that dressing in ‘blackface’ is totally unacceptable, and racist?

Kristen Stewart faced public backlash when she slept with married director, Rupert Sanders. It’s not a great move by Stewart, but we also think that the fact she got way a lot more criticism than Sanders, says something about how society views women!

Whoops! This makeup fail from Angelina Jolie meant we could see visible white powder all over her face on the red carpet.

Winona Ryder got caught shoplifting about $5,000 worth of clothes. Oops!

Christina Aguilera suffered from this badly placed running of fake tan while she was performing!

Justin Bieber might have thrown up on stage, but his fans don’t love him any less!

And then there was that time Katy Perry had some trouble with her giant cake.


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