20 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You Wish You Had – Part 1


Anything that saves time and hassle in the kitchen can only be a good thing. How often have you spent ages trying to separate egg yolk from the white? Or maybe when you make spaghetti you always cook enough to feed yourself 50 times over?! No matter the issue, we have an awesome gadget to help. Most of them can be bought right here on Awesome Inventions!

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20 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You Wish You Had – Part 2

This anti-sog bowl is perfect for breakfast time. No more ruined cereal! Find it here.


Don’t spend ages painstakingly trying to separate egg yolks by hand. This little gadget will do it for you in seconds! Find them here.


This indoor s’mores maker is perfect for sleepovers! Find it here.


These expanding drawer dividers fit any drawer and keep all your utensils in order too! Find them here.


Are you guilty of making enough pasta to feed an army? This spaghetti measure will ensure you have no more dinner time mishaps! Find it here.


This clip-on pouring spout is perfect for draining vegetables or meat without losing your food down the sink. Find it here.


Your water will stay cold for hours with these ingenious water bottle ice cubes! Find it here.


Julienne your vegetables perfectly and easily with this little gadget. You can even make veggie “pasta” strips! Find it here.


Make cool curly fries and much more with this spiral slicer. Find it here.


So simple in concept yet so useful in practice. This over-sink straining board is perfect for kitchens where space is limited. The board is also collapsible for easy storage. Find it here.


Make perfectly sized cupcakes or pancakes every time with this handy cake batter dispenser. No mess, no fuss. Find it here.


Create gorgeously healthy delights with this frozen fruit treat maker. Find one here.


This silicone measurer pours precisely with no mess! Find it here.


Preparing pineapple is as easy as pie with this cool gadget. No more mess or sticky fingers! Find it here.


This silicone bowl makes easy work of making pancakes, muffins, and more. Simply mix, pinch, and pour. Find it here.


Do you look up recipes on your iPad as you cook in the kitchen? This handy magnetic holder enables hands-free reference and can be mounted on the wall or fridge. Simple yet clever! Find it here.


Need to chop a lot of herbs for dinner? This herb mill works just like a pepper grinder and saves so much time. Find it here.


This professional multi chopper makes easy work of tedious tasks such as chopping onions and potatoes. Find one here.


This grater folds flat and saves much needed space in a small kitchen. Find it here.


This pasta pot has a colander lid so you won’t lose any pasta down the sink as you drain! Find it here.


If you liked part 1 then don’t forget to check out part 2 below!
20 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You Wish You Had – Part 2