People Share ‘Street Smart’ Advice To Help Others In Certain Situations

Love to travel alone but worried about the dangers that you may encounter? You can largely overcome these risks if you’re armed with strategies (and a few tools) that could help ensure your safety. If you’re in need of some useful tips, we’ve compiled some helpful street smarts that could save your life in some manner. We’re not implying that there is danger at every city in every part of the world. But it is often crucial to take simple precautions especially when you’re in a strange city or just casually walking home at night after a party.

Being a solo traveler gives you the freedom to control what direction you want to head without any unnecessary hassle. However, traveling alone is a risky pursuit as you become more susceptible to danger and harassment when you’re on your own. Acknowledging the potential risks doesn’t necessarily means you have to live in fear and be paranoid whenever you’re alone. Having street smarts means staying alert and keeping aware of your surroundings. If you pay attention to your surroundings, you’re more likely to recognize worst-case scenarios and quickly respond to avoid mishaps.


Street Smarts Tips To Keep You Safe

Being mugged, theft, pickpockets, kidnapping, scams, and sometimes racial discrimination are some of the risks associated with traveling to unfamiliar places. Now, the chances of facing these dangers become higher when you’re alone. People on Reddit are sharing some brilliant advice to help solo travelers avoid or minimize these risks and these street smarts can be a life-saver. Most of these tips suggest everyone to have common sense in every situation. Of course, common sense will tell you that counting your money on the street, walking down a dim road while wearing headphones, and sharing your next destination on social media – are the dumbest things to do. Don’t be dumb, be smart all the time.



What to do when you’re lost in an unfamiliar place? How to pick out safe spots? Who should you approach in case you need urgent help? How should you respond to suspicious strangers with ill intentions towards you? How do you keep your belongings and valuables safe on your trip? Here are some useful street smarts to keep yourself safe when you’re alone, whether you’re traveling abroad, walking home from work, riding your bike, or hanging out on the park.