Brilliant Beauty Tips You Won’t Be Able To Live Without


Looking good has always been pretty important to women everywhere. But, nowadays, it’s become much more of an effort, because most of us don’t have plenty of time, due to our lives being constantly on-the-go, so, it’s good to have some makeup tricks up your sleeve! The way you apply your makeup has a lot to do with its staying power, therefore, it’s important to learn the basics, such as how to best apply your foundation, and so on! If you want to know how to do this, and more, take a look to find out 14 of the most awesome beauty hacks ever!

Getting glitter polish off your nails is hard! Use a craft glue base coat and you can just peel the manicure right off!

Using an elastic band to apply a French manicure will make the job so much easier!

Don’t have time to wash your hair? Just wash your bangs and you’ll look better instantly!

When plucking your eyebrows, always follow their natural shape.

For perfect-looking nails, always remember to apply a top coat!

Putting a small amount of diluted cinnamon or peppermint oil on your lips will make them look fuller. Don’t forget to add a carrier oil into the mix!

Setting spray keeps your make up looking perfect all day and night long!

Apply baby powder to your lashes between coats of mascara and it will make your eyes look amazing!

Applying a hydrating face mask before you go to sleep will ensure that you wake up looking amazing!

Use concealer to line your lipstick. This will make it look far cleaner and will draw more attention to your pout.

For a natural look, always apply your foundation to the center of your face and then blend outwards!

Keep your makeup remover by your bed, so you always remember to clean your face at night.

The right shade of red lipstick, that matches your skin tone, will make such a difference!

Use a spoon to help you apply winged eyeliner!

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