This Hanging Balcony Desk Turns Your Outside Space Into An Office

Sitting around, working, or studying inside the house can get pretty boring and uninspiring. That is why this hanging balcony desk is created to let you bring your workstation out onto your balcony. Confined in a study room or home office all day, the monotonous setting can be a bit stifling. And a lackluster workplace can negatively affect productivity. A change of scenery is a great way to spark inspiration and motivation. But for us who don’t have the luxury of having a deck or a porch, setting up an outdoor workplace is nothing but a pipe dream.

Small apartments only have small balconies that could connect our homes to the outside world. But as much as you want to utilize the space for an outdoor working space, it’s just too small for a table and a chair to fit into. It is for this reason that the hanging balcony desk was designed. This practical piece of furniture allows you to create an outdoor workspace by hanging it over the railing of your balcony. So you can transform it into your go-to workstation out in the sunshine while overlooking the awe-inspiring view of the outdoors.


Hanging Balcony Desk

hanging balcony desk

This hanging balcony desk offers a wide tabletop and a wooden panel with steel brackets that can be attached to any balcony rail. It’s so easy to set up, no need for assembly, just hook the steel brackets on the railing and fasten it in place using the screws. The adjustable brackets also allows you to find your ideal desk height for optimum comfort.

railing hook on adjustable steel brackets


wooden hook on table


hanging balcony desk adjustable brackets

The hanging balcony desk is handmade of solid pine wood, lacquered and treated to make it suitable for outdoor use. It measures 43.3 inches long, 15.7 inches deep, and 7 inches high from the desk to the top of the upright panel. You’ll have more than enough space for your laptop, a cup of coffee, some books, and newspaper. Use it to work on or study, or use it as a table to hold your snacks and drinks while you enjoy the sunset. And since the wide working area is only around 15 inches deep, it won’t take up much space.

hanging balcony desk railing


hanging balcony desk space saving

You can choose your preferred finish for the wood. It is available in walnut, teak, mahogany, oak, and natural pine. If you want to request for other colors, you can send the shop your customization details. And if you’re not sure if it fits to your balcony rail, simply send them the exact measurement so the shop can adjust the size accordingly.

hook on railing table wood finishes


hook on railing table

Source: Etsy