Two Dogs Love Watching Neighbors Through A Hole In The Fence, So Their Owners Started Putting Up Funny Posters To Put A Smile On Everyone’s Face

The year 2020 has yet to be concluded but we’ve got to say, we’re not having the best year so far. During these very troubled times, getting a positive vibe from other people could really mean a lot. This man from Ohio is spreading the joy in his neighborhood by putting up The Dog Fence. After noticing that his two doggos love to watch the neighborhood on the other side of their fence, he decided to cut a hole in the wooden fence for them to peek through. But that’s not the best part of this project. He makes it more entertaining for the passersby by putting up posters around the hole. So, when his dog pokes its head through, the poster comes to life in a very amusing way.

Brian Stanley is the proud owner of two adorable doggos named Ripley and Burger King. In August last year, he noticed Burger’s weird habit of digging under their fence. It turned out that his dog was digging a hole so he could watch people going past on the street side of their fence. That’s when Brian decided to make a cutout window where Burger can poke his head through the fence and look at the passersby. As a result, the dog stopped digging.


The Dog Fence Featuring ‘The Bark’ As A Parody Of ‘The Scream’

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the entire country, Brian found himself out of work and his son home from school due to the lockdown. With nothing else to do, he came up with a brilliant idea of decorating the fence hole with funny posters. And that’s how this fun and creative project started. His first poster was inspired by the famous painting The Scream. With the help of his son, he recreated the masterpiece on cardboard and named their first fence art ‘The Bark’. So, each time Burger or Ripley stick their heads through the cutout, the painting hilariously comes to life.


“Ripley is more tentative.”, Brian reveals. “She is somewhat more of a barker towards anyone approaching the fence. She loves the attention but is more hesitant than Burger to embrace it. Burger, on the other hand, loves attention. The fence window I cut is the first place he goes when I let him outside. I’ve seen him just stand there with his head through the hole watching the world go by.”


Burger and Ripley

Seeing the adorable dogs taking part in a fun project indeed brought smiles and laughter to the whole neighborhood. Due to the immediate positive response from their neighborhood, Brian and his son decided to make more funny posters based on classic paintings and pop culture. Now, people in the neighborhood are looking forward to what they will come up with next. Many people would stop and take pictures at the fence with either Burger or Ripley peeking through the hole.

Brian and his son have created six amazing posters so far including The Bark, Paws (parody of Jaws), Uncle Sam, The Dog With The Bone Earring, Jurassic Bark and Pacman. When asked which of their creations is his favorite, Brian said it’s the Pacman poster. And it’s simply because it was their most difficult piece so far.


“Pacman because it’s not a 2d piece. We cut, painted and attached individual pieces to it so that it had a more 3d look to it.”

Brian is determined to continue making new posters, even after the pandemic crisis. He revealed that he has enough ideas to keep the project going for the next four years. And he promised to keep it going until his imagination runs out of ideas. If you can’t make it to Brian’s place, you can follow his Instagram page to keep up to date with his latest posters. The funny posters are really impressive. But the adorable dog poking its head through the hole is the real star of the show.

Source: Instagram page