People Share Photos Of The Times They Came Across Annoying Imperfections

We are not perfectionists, but we undoubtedly prefer to see things in symmetry. Have you ever felt that annoying feeling when you stumble upon some instances of uncomfortable imperfections? You’re not the only one. In fact, most people feel that similar discomfort whenever they see things that are not in order. Or those pointless things that should not be there in the first place.

People naturally strive for perfection. It goes without saying that people will seek balance, harmony, and uniformity in everything.  Of course, nothing can be perfect in this world and to err is human. But most of us can’t ignore that indescribable irritation whenever we witness examples of uncomfortable imperfections. These instances are almost everywhere. While nature also has its own share of unexpected defects, most asymmetries in this world are actually man-made. Most of the times, these cases of uncomfortable imperfections compel us to ask ‘How could someone make such a mistake?’

Indeed, you will also ask this question as you scroll down and take a look at these slightly annoying photos. Did these people just make honest mistakes? Or did they deliberately mess things up just to annoy other people? We can never tell the real reasons behind these uncomfortable imperfections. But one thing is for sure, these hilarious photos will make you want to fix, rectify, straighten, and put things in order. And if you have a higher level of OCD, we encourage you to pull yourself together and control yourself from smashing your computer screen.


“Preth Any Button”


“This Neighborhood I Saw On Google Maps Really Hits Me Hard”


“What The Actual Mother ******* **** Is This *******”


“People Whose Desktops Look Like This”


“Well You’re Not Wrong”


“How The **** Does This Happen?”


“It’s Like They Want Me To Have An Aneurysm”


“This Chandelier At A Restaurant I Ate At Bothers Me So Much”


This Stove


That One Pole


“Someone Thought It Would Be Funny To Do This At The Corner Of Every Page Of This Notebook”


“This Teacher Doesn’t Erase The Board Fully And Continues To Use It”


These Lights


“Just Re-Pave The Damn Road At This Point”


“My Grandfather Doesn’t Peel The Plastic Off Of Anything And Won’t Let Me Peel It Off. I’m About To Have A Heart Attack”


“When You Play The Sims But Forget To Rotate”


Meanwhile In Supermarket


The Way This Pizza Has Been Cut


“Okay What The Hell”


“My Friend’s New Front Door”


“911 – I’d Like To Report A Crime”


“At My Closest Train Station. I Think I Need To Move”


“ON Is Red, OFF Is Green”


“I Was High In The Road And Was Not Sure If It Was The Weed Or Not So I Took A Picture For Later”


You Had One Job


“This Building Where Nothing Lines Up”


“Looked Down During My Shower Today. Can’t Unsee It Now”


“I’m Literally Screaming Inside”


“Finished Laying The Bricks, Boss”


“Not Only Is The First Light Different, The Last Light’s Fixture Is Upside Down”


“Why Write The ‘S’ Like That? The More I Read It, The More It Mildly Infuriates Me”


“The Way My Mom Watches TV With Things Obscuring The Screen”


Askew Angles


How These Pipes Were Installed


“Cut It Wrong. I Think They”


“I Am Forced To Look At This Every Time I Get Up”


“I Put The Manhole Cover Back, Boss”


But How?


“Found This In Louisiana”


“Why Not ‘Intense Raspberry'”?


This Apartment Building


“If I Could Not See Them At The Same Time I Would Not Care”


The Door On This House




“This Stripe On My Friend’s Car”




Well Done


“I’m Just Gonna Leave That Here”


“Do I Even Have To Say Anything”


Horrible Cut-Out