Mildly Disturbing Photos That Are So Hilariously Bizarre

You may think that the word disturbing and funny don’t mesh well together but we’re about to prove you wrong. We have these mildly disturbing photos to prove that there are things that are so weird that they’re funny. Calm down, these are not the types of disturbing photos that will give you nightmares or the creeps. But they’ll definitely keep you awake from laughing hysterically. Get ready to irk and laugh at these mildly disturbing photos.




This poor snake deserves better than to be used as a hair tie.

Reddit | SirElonMusk

And you think you’ve seen the weirdest hobby but wait till you see this. How about creating a tiny sculpture of a pole dancer?


Turning your Converse into sandals is actually a nice idea. You’ll get to save yourself from buying socks too.

Imgur | NeanDerrtel

Do you know what’s scarier than a wasp? When you add the name tarantula into it, then the creepiness doubles.

Imgur | Popkernel

Imagine some random stranger asking you to light their cigarette with your lighter and the flame suddenly goes “BAM!”

Reddit | slavicdegenerate

This guy sure have someone watching his back all the time. And it won’t even blink its eyes.

Reddit | recording

Here’s a friendly reminder from the hotel management that will definitely make your stay a little bit more exciting.

kaisyrob | kaisyrob

Bizarre and funny photos that will make you cringe and laugh



Putting ketchup on your ice cream is unforgivable. Dipping your fries into your ice cream is disgraceful.

Imgur | rayraysfunhouse

Which is more alarming? The fact that spiders are slowly adapting to cold weather or the fact that a spider might be dwelling inside your car?

Reddit | smurfkiller013

The view from this ship mast is breath-taking, literally. This height can take my breath away but I wouldn’t risk my life just to see this view.

Imgur | wpbp

Nice try, Pennywise! But you’re nothing without your red balloon. Your friendly gesture alone won’t lure any kids in.

creepy clown mildly disturbing photos
Acid Cow

What have they done to our beloved unicorn? Where did they get the guts to use them inappropriately on these packaging?

Reddit | R0b0ticMONSTER

Listen, ladies. Excessive cosmetic surgery can ruin your natural beauty. Right, Barbie?

Imgur | TheTwistedEmperor

This hitchhiker got the wrong idea about everything. What happens when he got tired of holding on and suddenly falls away from the truck?

Imgur | hunta

This Minnie Mouse lamp looks like a perfect gift for you daughter. But just make sure not to turn the lights off or your daughter would freak out.

Reddit | [deleted]