15 Images Showing Incredible Glow In The Dark Bookmarks You Will Love

 Although a seemingly mundane object, any reader will tell you that a bookmark is a must have. Now, people often substitute a proper bookmark for a piece of paper or something like that, but who says you can’t have something more interesting? Talented jewelry designer Manon Richard creates gorgeous and incredibly detailed glow in the dark bookmarks. The pieces have a lovely blueish, turquoise glow, and add personality to any book. Take a look and if you like what you see you can check out Manon’s Etsy store below!
Website: Etsy

What an adorable dragon!


How beautiful do these bookmarks look when placed next to each other?


Those petals are such a lovely color!


For those that like butterflies…


Not only will you never lose your page, but you’ll also always be able to find your book!


This simple design is still totally endearing.


Even against paper and light, the glow still shines. 


But, with the darkness, the glow becomes entrancingly bright.


It is nice that even the parts that don’t glow are so beautifully patterned!


For animal lovers!


An example of what the bookmarks look like when in use…


Another example with a different design…


Manon offers stick-type designs for those who don’t want anything hanging.


A close up of the ball design.


A more subtle glow on this ball, but it doesn’t take away from the piece!