The ‘Testicuzzi’ Is A Jacuzzi For Your Testicles

Nothing beats a relaxing soak in a Jacuzzi after a long day’s work to soothe our exhausted mind and body. Luckily for men, they can now wallow in the same spa treatment with this innovative Testicuzzi. From the name itself, you can easily sort out what this invention is all about. If ‘testicle jacuzzi’ is what you’re thinking, then you’re absolutely right. A Jacuzzi for the nuts – this tiny jetted tub is specifically designed with ‘that’ pair of nuts in mind.

testicuzzi jacuzzi for the nuts jetted tub

The Testicuzzi a mini jetted tub featuring ultra soft silicone penis perch, a contoured rim, and a dual sack-sized interior basin to dunk the junk into. This battery-powered mini Jacuzzi emits relaxing air bubbles for muscle relaxation along with soft bubbling sounds for a more soothing effect. Based from the prototype photos, you can just clearly visualize how to use the product without the need for an actual product testing. But then, you have the video below that indistinctly demonstrates how to use the Jacuzzi for the nuts.

Product prototype for the Testicuzzi

testicuzzi jacuzzi for the nuts prototype

Is Jacuzzi for the nuts really beneficial and necessary? Just like other parts of the body, ‘that’ part also undergoes strain and tension brought about by strenuous activity such as biking, horseback riding, rough tennis match, or any sport where there’s a high risk of getting kicked or punched in the nuts. Soaking them in a mini jacuzzi can significantly improve blood circulation. Hence, it greatly strengthens testicle health. So, how can you avail this amazing contraption?

testicuzzi jacuzzi for the nuts air bubbles

The concept fundraiser was launched on Kickstarter a month ago. And is still on the process of acquiring funds to make it a reality. But you can pre-order now and expect to receive it by December 10. It is available in 3 variations – white, jet black, and 14k gold plate. Both the white and jet black editions retail at $39.95 each while the limited edition 14k gold plated Testicuzzi costs a whopping $10,000. This is definitely a perfect Christmas gift “for the man who genuinely cares about his testicles’ hap-penis.”

White Edition

testicuzzi jacuzzi for the nuts white edition

Jet Black Edition

testicuzzi jacuzzi for the nuts jet black edition

14K Gold Plated Edition

testicuzzi jacuzzi for the nuts 14k gold plated edition


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