Testicle-Shaped Bike Lights Are A Sure Way To Get Noticed On The Road At Night

Cyclists are more susceptible to road accidents than any drivers on the street, particularly at night. That is why cycling at night is very risky and not advisable. Due to their size, bicycles are the least visible vehicle on the street at night. In order to increase visibility, some cyclists equip their bikes with flashy backlights and headlights. But even with these garish backlights, other drivers still don’t pay cyclists much attention. There must a way to keep cyclists safer in biking at night. But the only way to achieve this is to heighten their visibility in the dark. There must be something that can catch other drivers’ attention to keep these bikes more visible in their eyes. Lo and behold, these testicle-shaped bike lights may be the ultimate solution.

ponnky glowing testicle-shaped bike lights

Started out as a project on Kickstarter, these testicle-shaped bike lights aim to improve cyclist’s visibility especially at night. Furthermore, it has an intriguing shape that will definitely draw a lot of attention. At first, the project seemed not to prosper due to its crude design. But it surprisingly garnered almost 5 times its estimated funding goal. Due to the sponsors’ support and high public demand, the testicle-shaped bike lights are now available.

testicle-shaped bike lights packaging


ponnky testicle-shaped bike lights

Each ball is made of silicone material to provide elasticity and smoother texture. Inside the silicone shell is an ultra bright LED light powered by two 2032 button batteries. As the bike moves, the glowing bike ball wobbles along to give onlookers the impression of a real testicle. If that can’t catch your attention, we don’t know what else could.

ponnky bike lights silicone


ponnky testicle-shaped bike lights blue

LED lights are available in three different color options – blue, green and red. You can alternate among three different modes by squeezing the balls. These modes include two party modes in which the light flashes on and off either in slow or fast pacing. The third mode turns the light on steadily without flashing. Plus, it comes in a waterproof design so you can use it under any type of weather. Simply mount these testicle-shaped bike lights on the bike seat, press the power button, and then you’re good to go.

Ponnky Testicle-Shaped Bike Lights are available in three different color options

ponnky bike lights led colors


ponnky glowing bike balls


ponnky bike lights green


ponnky bike lights red

Silicone body with waterproof design

ponnky bike lights waterproof design

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