Wearable Eye Massager With Heat And Music Therapy

If you are spending hours on computers, laptops, phones or tablets on a regular basis, you really need to get an eye massager to relieve your eyes of strains, pain, headaches and other eye-related issues. We are fully aware of the health issues brought on by prolonged exposure to computers or laptops. Unfortunately, office work and school duties require us to spend hours working on the computer daily. Reading, driving, watching TV and other activities that require high visual loads also contribute to eye fatigue, tension headaches and even migraines.

Unsuitable hours of exposure to these things can lead to visual impairment if you don’t take good care of your eye health. Lubricating eye drops can temporarily relieve dry, fatigued eyes. But it can’t alleviate the pain caused by eye strain. If you experience blurry vision and headaches, it’s wise to take a break from any digital devices until the symptoms ease. And if limiting screen time is undoable due to your nature of work, you could get a massager to help soothe and reduce pain caused by strains and migraines.


Wearable Eye Massager With Heat And Music Therapy

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This rechargeable massager is powered by a built-in lithium battery that you can charge using your phone adapter, power bank or any USB interface. A wearable high-tech device that you can wear as a headband, it provides 4 different therapy methods to improve eye health and provide relaxation. These methods include compression, vibration, heating and music. It employs air compression and produces vibration to provide two types of massage therapy: shiatsu and vibration.

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This massager has a built-in bag that adopts kneading and trigger point therapy that focuses on 5 acupoints around the eye area. With its oscillating pressure and rhythmic percussion massaging, it helps refresh you after a long day. In addition to its relaxing air compression and vibration massage, this therapy device is also equipped with heating pads to provide a soothing heat between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit. When applied to the eye area, heat therapy effectively alleviates eye strain and helps your eyes regain moisture to prevent dry eyes.

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Additionally, this rechargeable massager has built-in speakers. So, you can listen to its calming pre-recorded sounds while you’re using it. You can also connect the massager to your phone via Bluetooth to let you play your playlist during the therapy. Furthermore, this massaging device can be folded into a smaller size for portability. And the headband is adjustable to fit any head size. Adults and teenagers can both use it by adjusting the headband to their size.

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rechargeable massaging device headband

The massager features 5 massage modes. Mode 1 activates air pressure + heat + music and mode 2 activates all 4 therapy methods simultaneously. While mode 3 activates air pressure + music, mode 4 activates heat only and mode 5 activates vibration + music. You can select your desired mode by short pressing the power button.

Long pressing the power button turns the device on and off. You can adjust the heat by short pressing the heat button. Long pressing the heat button adjusts the audio volume. The compression button allows you to select your desired acupressure. Long press the compression button to turn wireless capability on and off.


5 Massage Modes

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Each massage mode lasts for 15 minutes and automatically turns off after the time limit. Make sure that it is fully charged before use and never use it while charging. Do not use this device if you have undergone eye surgery or have chronic eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, retinal disorders, etc. The device is available in colors white and black. It comes with a USB cable and a user manual. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I suffer from chronic dry eyes and puffy eyes. So I gave this product a shot. My first use was a bit surprising. The device does exactly what is described: massage, heat, vibrate, and music. It leaves my eyes feeling good and I frequent fall asleep while using the device.”


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