Meet ‘Beetl’ The Autonomous Robot That Hunts Down Dog Poop And Picks It Up For You

Having dogs as companions is pure bliss but frustration kicks in when it’s time to pick up their poops from your yard. Dog owners can now rejoice because the Beetl, an autonomous dog poop robot, is here to make their lives easier. There are currently about 85 million households in the US with dogs. So you can just imagine how many people could benefit from this useful innovation.

This autonomous dog poop robot looks like a robotic lawnmower that moves around the yard like a Roomba. But instead of cutting grasses, the Beetl Robot finds and automatically scoops up dog poop throughout your yard.

beetl logo


beetl autonomous dog poop robot

The Beetl is a computer vision-enabled autonomous dog poop robot that uses a front camera and real-time image analysis to detect poop in your yard. Advanced sensor fusion and computer vision help it scan and detect dog poop while avoiding obstacles. Once it spots one within the area, it moves directly over it and picks it up using a mechanical claw.

beetl autonomous dog poop robot front camera


beetl autonomous dog poop robot mechanical claw


the beetl claw

It has a sealed container inside where the poop is contained for disposal. The camera also allows you to create boundaries along the edges of your lawn. Once the boundaries are set, the dog poop robot will only roam within it. So it won’t step out of your yard and get lost. Furthermore, its advanced artificial intelligence can be connected to a cloud network allowing the robot to learn and develop new ways.


beetl maintenance





This genius invention is indeed a must-have for all dog owners. Unfortunately, the autonomous dog poop robot is still a concept and there’s no definite timetable for its release. The five-member design team behind the Beetl is also looking to add a sickle-bar grass shear mechanism that can cut long grasses.

This new feature will give the robot two functions at a time, as a poop-scooper and as a lawnmower. We’re crossing our fingers that the Beetl Robot is going to be available for purchase soon.

beetl dog poop robot

Check out the demo videos below showing the poop-scooping Beetl robot in action

Source: Beetl Robotics