These Heated Pet Beds Will Keep Your Cat or Dog Nice and Warm Through Winter

Regardless of the breed, no amount of fur can keep your dog or cat safe from winter’s cold. Before the frigid season hits upon us, you need to get this heated pet bed for your canine or feline companion. Hypothermia in dogs and cats can occur especially in the winter. And this condition can be life-threatening if their body temperature dropped below healthy level for too long. Of course, no one wants to lose their precious pets to the cold. But failure to recognize the signs and leaving your pets unattended during winter could lead to a tragic end.

heated pet bed with internal thermostat

One of the reasons why our pets love to snuggle with us is because they’re looking for some ways to warm themselves. Unfortunately, we can’t possibly cuddle with them 24/7, especially in the night where winter temperature is at its lowest. Thanks to this genius heated pet bed, you can ensure that your pet is snug and toasty all winter long.

This plush pet bed measures 5 inches tall to keep your pets raised off the cold flooring while protecting them from drafts. It features 2 inches thick foam walls made from 100% polyester fabric to provide ultimate comfort. Inside the plush wall is a 6-watt removable thermostat. Simply plug the device into any standard wall outlet and let the thermostatically controlled heater do the work.

heated pet bed beagles


heated pet bed for dogs and cats


heated pet bed cat

The internal thermostat regulates the heat it produces in accordance to your pet’s body temperature. When unoccupied, the thermostat emits only a small amount of heat to keep the surface comfortably cozy for next use. You’re probably worried about your pet’s safety since this heated pet bed is connected to an electrical power source.

But rest assured that your pet is absolutely safe because this product has undergone and passed rigorous tests. This heated pet bed has met and exceeded USA and Canadian electrical safety standard as certified by MET Laboratories.

heated pet bed thermo-snuggly sleeper


heated pet bed two dogs occupants


heated pet bed kitty


heated pet bed keeps pet warm and comfy

Plus, its removable cushion also makes washing so easy. Just remove the cover and the pillow and put them in the washer on gentle cycle with cold water. Keep your beloved dogs and cats comfortably warm in the winter with this indoor thermo-snuggly pet bed. Get the heated sleeper here and take advantage of its one-year limited warranty. It is available in two sizes – medium (26 inches x 20 inches) and large (31 inches x 24 inches). One satisfied customer wrote:

“Our frenchie loves it! He has trouble staying warm in the winter and often sleeps on our floor vents in the house. So we knew he needed some extra heat. This thing is perfect. He literally found it within minutes and sleeps in it daily now.”

heated pet bed cat stretching


heated pet bed two dachshunds


heated pet bed for cats and dogs

Get yours here.