This Inflatable Spa Bathtub Allows You To Have A Spontaneous Bath As Long As There’s Running Water Near By

Soaking in a bath tub is one of the best ways to relax after a long tiring day. What used to be a bathroom fixture can now be enjoyed in the outdoors thanks to this inflatable spa bath tub. Whenever and wherever you feel like soaking in a tub, this potable bath tub got your back. Whether in your backyard or you’re out into the wild, you can have your well-deserved relaxation with this inflatable spa bath tub.

inflatable spa bath tub indoor outdoor

Unlike regular bath tubs, this inflatable spa bath tub isn’t made of ceramic or porcelain. But rather, it is entirely made of non-toxic PVC material to provide comfort and full relaxation for your entire body. Designed for comfort and portability, the lightweight tub only weighs 7 pounds. More importantly, you can easily inflate and deflate it allowing you to carry and use it anywhere. It comes with a free electric air pump to help you inflate the tub faster. When fully inflated, it provides a sufficient 50 x 20 x 16.5 inches space so you can stretch your feet to get a comfortable position. There’s a super comfy inflatable backrest and armrest attached to the tub to allow you to lay back and relax comfortably. If the backrest isn’t enough, you can also use the separate inflatable pillow (included) for better head support.

inflatable spa bath tub blue


eosaga inflatable spa bath tub side


eosaga inflatable spa bath tub top and bottom


eosaga inflatable spa bath tub deflate


eosaga inflatable spa bath tub blue

Since it is designed to be used outdoors, you’re probably asking how the tub can maintain the water temperature. Apparently, exposing the water in open air would make it lose its temperature faster. How can this inflatable spa bath tub keep the water warm longer? In order to trap the heat inside, the tub uses a zipper closure top cover to provide insulation. Simply fill it with warm water, position yourself comfortably, and close the tub insulation to enjoy your warm soak. It also has a convenient cup holder on the side where you can place your beverage or your phone. When you’re done, simple remove the fast drain plug at the bottom foot of the tub. It also comes with a drain pipe so you can direct the drainage flow somewhere.

eosaga inflatable spa bath tub pump hole and drain plug


eosaga inflatable spa bath tub features

After draining the water out, unplug the pump hole to deflate the tub and squeeze it down to its compact form. Simply fold it down for easy storage and transport. You can get this inflatable spa bath tub with free electric air pump and drain pipe here. You can also choose the other option with free foot pump instead of the electric air pump. Or you can opt for the pink version that doesn’t include the air pump and the drain pipe. One satisfied customer wrote:

“For a few years now, all we have had is a shower. I came across this product and thought I would give it a try. It is so nice to be able to soak in a tub of hot water again! I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and this product takes away some of the pain. Thank you for a great product that is easy to use.”

inflatable spa bath tub multiple pump holes


inflatable spa bath tub pink


eosaga inflatable spa bath tub pink features


eosaga inflatable spa bath tub pink


eosaga inflatable spa bath tub pink indoor outdoor

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Check out the video below that demonstrates how to inflate the inflatable spa bath tub using the electric air pump