Oreo Is Apparently Releasing An Olympics Edition Cookie With Red, White, And Blue Creme

The 2020 Olympic Summer Games opens in July. But Oreo has already announced that they’re re-releasing Olympic cookies in support of Team USA. These special Oreos originally came out in 2018 and they’re definitely becoming a regular special event offering! Moreover, just like the team that Nabisco’s cheering on, these updated treats are anything but ordinary. A representative of the brand confirmed the upcoming release, saying:

“We can confirm that Team USA OREO cookies will be available this Summer – but that’s not all! As a proud sponsor of Team USA, OREO will have even more for fans to enjoy ahead of the 2020 Games, stay tuned!”

I have to admit, not being able to jet off to Tokyo to support Team USA is making me feel a tiny bit salty. But thanks to these yummy special edition Oreo cookies, witnessing history through television doesn’t sound so bad. It’ll definitely make for a perfect snack for those watch parties you and your friends will have until the end of the Olympic season!



The Olympic Oreo Cookies have the most patriotic creme filling ever

The previous Olympics-themed Oreos came with a single vanilla creme filling. But these new cookies are all tricked out with three, American flag-inspired creme layers. This triple creme layer is definitely giving the Most Stuf a run for its money. However, despite their colorful appearance, all the layers remain to be vanilla flavored. The Instagram account also quipped that the colored filling may stain your tongue. Despite this, we’re still very much willing to munch on these while cheering on the athletes from the comfort of my couch.





Nabisco has retained the Olympic Oreos’ cookie designs. The American flag, along with the Olympics logo, and Team USA’s logo are stamped onto the chocolate cookies. In addition to those major designs, Nabisco  also paid tribute to the sporting events on the cookies. As of writing, the brand has yet to share the limited edition cookies’ official release date. But once these babies hit the shelves, we’ll be grabbing enough packs to sustain us throughout the Games.


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