There’s A Testicle Cooling Device That Keeps Your Balls Cool Through Summer

It’s a good thing that April Fools has long been over or you might think that this article is a joke. We’re actually serious, the testicle cooling device is actually a thing. But before you burst out laughing, let us tell you beforehand that this unusual underwear has a practical purpose. It is not merely made just to cool down the goolies but there’s a scientific reason behind it.

Designed and manufactured by CoolTec, the CoolMen is an innovative device in the form of men’s underwear. This testicle cooling device is specifically designed to improve semen production and increase fertility in men. Studies show that temperature plays a vital role in the production and quality of semen. Clinical tests reveal that semen production is increased under cooler temperature. Furthermore, a rise of one degree Celsius can cut down sperm production by 40 percent.



For this reason, scientists at CoolTec invented this testicle cooling device in a bid to boost fertility in men. In order to achieve optimum result, it should be worn for at least 12 hours a day for a month. This will give the device sufficient time to restore the testicles’ suitable temperature and full efficacy. In addition to this, the CoolMen is made of certified anti-bacterial materials so it’s safe to use. The materials are lightweight and flexible for better comfort. Plus, it provides full discretion during use due to its ergonomic design that appears completely invisible under clothing.

coolmen testicle cooling device side view

That’s not all. The testicle cooling device can be connected to a mobile app where you can view and record pertinent data. These data include temperature and duration of use. The device can also relay current physical activity of the wearer such as sitting, sleeping, etc. These data can help andrologists analyze their patient’s condition to improve treatment process.

testicle cooling device

CoolTec introduces CoolMen, a testicle cooling device that can stabilize temperature in the optimum range

cooltec testicle cooling device

Considering all these things, this testicle cooling device is indeed a valuable piece of technology. Infertility in men is becoming a critical issue nowadays. This condition could be traced back to our modern lifestyle. Due to the nature of their work, most men would spend most of their time sitting in front of computers. Other factors may include tight clothing and staying in sauna for too long. If you can’t avoid these things, you can restore healthy semen parameters with the help of the testicle cooling device.

Source: CoolTec