13 Yummy Easter Treats To Make With Marshmallow ‘Peeps’


It's almost Easter, so there's no better time than now for getting to work on creating some tasty treats for the big day! Since the 1950s, 'Peeps' have been an Easter staple with kids and adults, throughout America, and they're just as popular today! Coming in lots of different flavors and colors, these little marshmallow treats are the yummiest of the yum! If you love those little bunnies and chicks, check out these 13 amazing Peeps recipes to inspire you!


These candy-coated pretzel rods with Peeps on top look so cute. They're easy to make too! Instructions here.

pretzel candy peeps


Peeps popcorn may sound weird but it tastes amazing. Instructions here.

peeps popcorn


Chocolate-covered Peeps! Yum. Instructions here.

choc peeps


Aw! These cupcakes are so cute! Instructions here.

peeps cupcakes


There's nothing tastier than Peeps s'mores! Instructions here!

peeps smores



How about a yummy chocolate 'peep-za'? Instructions here.

choc peeps pizza


These little racers are awesome. Want to know how to make them? Instructions here.

peeps racers


What's better than regular chocolate chip cookies? Ones with Peeps in them of course! Instructions here!

peeps choc chip


These brownies look incredible. Instructions here.

peeps brownies


Fancy making these cute 'Rice Krispie' cakes? Instructions here!

krispie peeps


Find out how to make this ice cream with a marshmallow twist. Instructions here!

peeps ice cream


This pizza looks interesting! Instructions here.

peeps pizza


And finally, are these not the cutest little hula dancers you've ever seen? Instructions here!

hula peeps

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