‘NiceBalls’ Have Created Stress Balls That Look Like An Actual Set Of Balls

Meeting deadlines, hitting work quotas, long commuting journeys, family demands, and job insecurity. These are only few of the factors that can cause stress on us. And as you already know, stress is an unhealthy condition that can adversely affect our well-being. During stressful moments, stress-relieving toys such as squishy stress balls and finger boards can really come in handy. Stress balls, for instance, come in different forms and shapes. But they’re tiny enough to be squeezed in the hand. The gripping motion doesn’t only provide a good exercise for the fingers. More importantly, this movement also allows us to vent our emotion and to release our stress. If you’re planning to buy a stress ball, why not choose something funny and naughty instead? Besides, humor is also an effective stress-reliever. We’ve found these stress balls that mimic the look of a scrotum. Amusingly, these stress-relievers are called NiceBalls.

scrotum-shaped stress balls

You can stick these NiceBalls under your desk where you can easily access and squeeze in times of need. Each squishy ball has smooth and soft quality with a suction that allows you to stick it under any desk. It is designed to give you a perfect grip that feels like actual balls. As you grasp and squeeze, the activity stimulates blood flow and encourages relaxation by eliminating muscle tensions. The NiceBalls are made of long-lasting hypoallergenic PVC and hypoallergenic oil that can last for years. With this awesome stress balls, you can literally squeeze some balls when life kicks you in the balls.



stress balls


niceballs stress balls



stress balls testicles


niceballs stress balls


niceballs scrotum-shaped stress balls


niceballs stress-relievers

Get your set of stress balls today. Get one for yourself and also give it to your friends or co-workers as a gag gift with a purpose.

Get your set of stress balls today