Safety Enhancing Smart Bike Helmet

Not wearing a helmet means potential for head injury, brain trauma, or even death when involved in a bike accident. And when choosing a cycling helmet, you can either go for a merely head-protecting bucket or for a smart bike helmet with more safety enhancing features. In this era of app-driven devices, even cycling helmets are catching up with technology. In addition to the usual safety features, the newest versions feature Bluetooth capabilities that allow connection to smartphones. They also added hands-free speakers and microphones to allow the rider to make/receive phone calls or play music while riding.

But this safety enhancing smart bike helmet offers more than just protect the rider’s head and allow hands-free phone calls. Its app integration connects the protective gear to a free app that records your speed, mileage, and riding time via GPS. Accumulated statistics can be viewed on the app through iOS/Android devices. You can also take advantage of your smartphone’s GPS system to provide voice navigation while you ride. Furthermore, the app also includes SOS alert that is activated via a built-in fall detection. In the event of an accident, it automatically sends alerts to your emergency contacts. Your current location along with rescue route will be sent to your emergency contacts on impact immediately.


Smart Bike Helmet

livall smart bike helmet

That’s not all. This safety enhancing smart bike helmet has smart light security system that provides illumination during nighttime ride. Its integrated LEDs also function as turn signal tail lights which are noticeable from quite a distance. Better visibility, particularly at night, adds safety and security without the need for a bevy of lighting accessories. Plus, its integrated gravity acceleration sensor activates the smart lighting to function as brake lights.

smart bike helmet


safety enhancing cycling helmet microphone speaker

All functions can be controlled via a remote control that attaches to the bike’s handlebars. Press the red button to answer phone calls and the lower button to talk with other riders (with the same smart bike helmet on). If you want to reject a call, simply long press the red button. The left and right buttons are for the indicator lights while the up and down buttons are used to scroll through music. Lastly, the upper button is used for one-click photo.

safety enhancing cycling helmet remote control


smart bike helmet turn signal tail lights

Of course, its advanced technological features are amazing and all. But how does it fare as a protective gear? This safety enhancing smart bike helmet features high strength polycarbonate outer shell and an expanded polystyrene foam lining for optimum protection. With full in-mold construction and a soft lining, it ensures safety and comfort wherever you ride. Lightweight with great ventilation, it comes with an adjustable chin strap to make it fit most head sizes.


SOS Alert Function

safety enhancing cycling helmet sos alert

This safety enhancing smart bike helmet charges via USB with a full charging time of 2 hours for up to 10 hours of battery life. Its Bluetooth speakers and microphone are strategically placed above the ears to enable you to stay alert to the surrounding traffic. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“After many [cheaper] helmets I have used started to crack and fall apart, I decided to invest more for a high quality one. Everything comes to a settle after I found this smart helmet. It provides hand free function on music and calling while I am riding the bike. The built quality looks decent. It is also light and comfortable with long time wearing. The signal light is very bright and I am sure it will catch people’s eyes far away.”

smart bike helmet bluetooth

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Source: Amazon | Hammacher Schlemmer