Pictures About Anxiety That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

Anxiety is something that many people struggle with on a daily basis. Although the issue itself is a serious one not to be classed as a laughing matter, sometimes you need to try and see the amusing side through difficult times. Here we have some pictures about anxiety that will make you laugh then cry. There’s some extremely relatable stuff here that you’re sure to identify with if you’re an anxiety sufferer yourself. Take a look! 

Pictures About Anxiety

‘Everything is fine, no one suspects a thing…’

The question to which the answer is ‘yes’ every time… 

Those 3 little words have unbelievable power, apparently! 

Please think of this every time you’re planning to meet up with an anxious person… 

So much worrying, such little production… 

When a car truly represents you…

You’re in a constant battle with yourself. 

The horrific memories always seem to creep up on you!

The question that never has a good outcome… 

Anxiety summed up in a picture.

Yep, even your stress relief is stressed.

Praise Jesus, hallelujah. 

‘What if’ is forever in your mind. 

Pictures About Anxiety you got me there


Damn. This is so spot on!