Photoshop Troll Master Strikes Again to Fix All Your Photo Problems

We’ve known him as the greatest Photoshop wizard ever lived because he can do magic in photo-editing. This time, he’s back with a bang! You heard it right; James Fridman strikes again with his amazing magic. Requests keep flooding his Twitter account and he can’t help but to lend his phenomenal skills to those in need. His previous works have amused the world in many ways. And people can’t seem to wait any longer for his next masterpieces. So we’re giving you another batch of fulfilled requests courtesy of the great photoshop troll master. Get ready to laugh until you drop.


This photo is a sure hit!

Ernie’s hair saves the day.

Now that’s evenly distributed.

He does it better than an energy drink.

I’ve never drooled over a bald man’s head before.

Well played, Mr. Fridman. Well played.

Another wish granted, another satisfied customer.

The Photoshop troll master takes his business very seriously and is willing to do exactly what people asked for.



You can’t just ignore the sign. This is what you get when you pay no heed to warning signs.

Well, I hope he’s happy with his ‘wifey material’.

Men find it awkward when they hold each other’s hands. But holding a foot is just fine.

He’d surely be very happy with this.

You can’t get any younger than that.

You’ve got a lot of stuffs in there!

Here, take this balloon and see you later!

Seems like nothing is impossible with this Photoshop master.