You Can Cycle Across Water With These ‘Bicycles’

Flying cars are still far out of reach and still beyond human’s inventive capacity. And we can’t help but feel sorry for our ancestors who believed we can make that happen by this time. We may not have created flying cars but at least this water bicycle would make our ancestors proud. Riding a bike on water is now possible thanks to this new innovation. And if the name reminds you of the one with inflatable pontoons that hold an actual bike then you’re wrong. While that version gives you the feeling of riding a bike above water, it doesn’t actually give you the real experience of pedaling and riding in the water. The inflatable pontoons simply keeps the bike above water, nothing more and nothing less.

This newly-developed water bicycle is nothing of that sort. It gives you an unbelievable experience where you actually ride a bike and tread water at the same time. Just like a normal bike, you’ll need to pedal to make it hover above the water and run. There will be no pontoons to keep you afloat. But instead, you’ll have to pedal, keep your balance, and make your way moving forward on the water. Besides, that’s what a real cycling experience is all about.


Water Bicycle With Variable Electric Assist

water bicycle hyrdrofoil e-bike

Using the same hydrofoiling technology as racing yachts, this water bicycle is equipped with truly responsive dynamics and seamlessly integrated technology to perform a wide range of all water-terrain capabilities. It features fully submersible electric motor and battery, which are both IPX8 rated, designed to provide adjustable pedal-assist. You can adjust the electric assist in 7 different levels to suit your needs. Set it low to make the experience more of a workout and set it high to ride on full assist to have a leisure ride. Battery takes around 4 hours to fully charge to provide up to 4 hours of riding time on the lowest assist level and 1.5 hours on highest level.

hydrofoil e-bike sleek design


water bicycle

This water bicycle has carbon fiber foils on the underside with foil tip design to reduce drag and extend effective wingspan. The rear wing has a span measuring 6.5 feet while the front wingspan measures 4 feet. As you pedal the bike, the water passes under the wings to create lift. While this hydrofoil e-bike won’t sink to the bottom when put in water, it still requires you to pedal to help lift the bike and keep it floating above water. Getting on the bike for the first time could be a bit tricky but practice makes perfect.

water bicycle with electric pedal assist


water bicycle with variable pedal assist


hydrofoil e-bike all water-terrain

The frame and gears are made from aircraft-grade TIG-welded 6061-T6 aluminum which is resilient against saltwater and corrosion. It features hybrid drivetrain with industry standard components for easy replacement and buoyancy module that provides smooth ride both above and below water. Furthermore, it has a modular design for easy assembly and disassembly to allow in-car transport. So, you can easily pack it right in the back of your car and take it to the ocean or lake.

water bicycle parts


manta5 hydrofoil e-bike modular design


manta5 hydrofoil e-bike


Watch the hydrofoil e-bike in action on the video below

Source: Manta5