This Wooden Book Opens Up Into A Lamp

Create the perfect reading space with this wooden smart book light to illuminate your late-night reading. When you open a book, it’s like you’re also opening a fantastical portal that leads to faraway places beyond imagination. But this book has another thing to offer. When you open this book, it gives off a warm gentle light that is bright enough for you to read or work by.

This decorative wooden smart book light has a built-in battery that powers its interior LED lights inside the glowing pages. When opened, each page automatically lights up by emitting a lovely and warm white glow. This battery-powered device is rechargeable via micro USB (cable included). The battery can last up to 8 hours when fully charged. Just like a real book, this unique nightlight opens up with the glowing pages fanning out evenly like an accordion. Amazingly, you can position it in different angles to get your ideal ambience for your reading space.


Wooden Smart Book Light

wooden smart book light maple wood

Open the wooden smart book light at 90° angle for a soft glow with one of its wooden side cover acting as the base. You can also fully open it to 180° angle with the full book cover lying flat on the surface. This would give you a brighter glow to brighten up your room. Positioned in these angles, you can either let it stand on its top or bottom, whichever you prefer. Or you can fan it out to a full 360° to adjust the brightness to the fullest.  The magnetic clips concealed inside the wood covers keep the fully-fanned out pages in place as you let it stand on the surface.

nighlight glowing pages led


wooden smart book light fanned out


wooden smart book light walnut wood

The glowing pages are made of waterproof and tear-resistant Tyvek paper. Each page contains high-performing LED lights that provide 400 lumen light intensity with a color temperature of 2700K which is the most ideal brightness for reading. Featuring a stylish design, the cover is made from real natural wood and is available in maple and walnut options. When closed, it measures 8.5 inches high, 6.7 inches wide, and 1 inch thick.

nighlight glowing pages

Source: Firebox