This Anglerfish Might Be The Cutest Book Light Ever Made

Need to read a book late at night but don’t want to interfere with your roommate’s or partner’s sleep? All you need is this adorable anglerfish book light to let you continue reading even in the dark. Inspired by the deep-dwelling sea creatures, this portable lighting features a bright LED lamp attached to a bendable cord which resembles the long whiplike rod sprouting from the fish heads. If you have seen photos of anglerfishes before, you’re probably thinking that they’re actually not the cutest thing to get inspiration from. If anything, these deep sea monsters look like they belong in nightmares.

But don’t worry, this anglerfish book light features a kawaii version of the actual creepy fish. No scary-looking sharp teeth, monstrous jaw, and enormous crescent-shaped mouth that made them the archetypal horror of the deep. This adorable and friendly-looking anglerfish has nothing of the spooky side. With a sweet smile and cute little side fins, this adorable clip-on book light offers you its warm LED lamp to help you read in the dark. Just clip it on top of the book you’re reading and position the lamp where you need the glow.


Anglerfish Book Light

anglerfish book light

In addition to the bendable cord, this cute anglerfish book light also pivots on a hinge. So you can aim the light to any direction or spot where you need it. Plus, its clip-on feature allows you to clamp it onto a headboard, shelf, and even phone holders to provide illumination with a dose of cuteness while you’re studying or doing crafts on your desk at night.

anglerfish book light led lamp


anglerfish book light box

With the base included, the anglerfish measures 3.7 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The adjustable light cord is approximately 5.5 inches long. It is made of ABS plastic and powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). You can locate the on/off switch at the side of the base.

cute portable reading led lamp

Source: Firebox