Engineer “The Q” Modified The Workings Of His Bike So That He Could Have A Hubless Bicycle

Want your bike to stand out on the street? Transform your fat bike into an amazing hubless bicycle and make everyone go ‘Wow’ as you ride past them. A skillful engineer, known as The Q on YouTube, uploaded a video showing how he remodeled his bike by transforming the wheels into centerless wheels. Bikes with spokeless wheels are notable for their striking appearance as their wheels do not have a center rotating hub. And if you’re really serious about turning your bike into a stunning head-turner then learn the ropes with the help of this video tutorial.

On the video description, The Q reveals that the only things you need for this project are a fat bike, bearings, some metals, and time. He started out by detaching the wheels from the bike and removing the entire internal hub along with the spokes and frame from the wheels. Then he proceeded by crafting, molding and welding an entire external system with a circular framework to support the wheel. He created a large inner bearing that fits just inside the rim with the tyre on its outside. This would provide steering, support, and attachment to the frame even without the internal hub.

hubless bicycle

This Engineer Transforms His Fat Bike Into An Incredible Hubless Bicycle

With this unconventional wheel design, the real challenge now is how to get power to the rear wheel. The Q solved this by installing the rear derailleur and the cogset in different placements. With some repainting for the finishing touch, he finally reinvented the bike into an incredible hubless bicycle. But then again, this project may not be as easy as it looked on the video. Remodeling your bike wheels into a centerless one requires a great deal of precision machining and complicated adjustments.

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Watch it in action and how he did it in his video

Source: YouTube