Photographer Martin Beck Shows Anyone Could Be A Superhero In His New Photo Series


Superheroes in comic books and films generally conform to a specific stereotype. The majority of them are white, male and affluent (at least if compared to people in some other parts of the world). However, photographer Martin Beck wanted to smash this stereotype with his "We Are Heroes" photo series. He wanted to convey that anyone can be a hero in their own way. That superheroes aren't some fictional trope, they're just real people living their lives. This is what Beck wrote on his website about these photos:

“My Heroes are regular people not restricted by race, religion or beliefs. They live among us, they surround us, and they are everywhere. Everyone is a superhero.”

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This series is stunning, and it also makes you think about the nature of heroism. Everyone can be a hero, and that includes you (costume optional)!

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