15 Bad Designs That Definitely Weren’t Thought Through

The efforts of good designers are often taken for granted. And it’s only when we see bad designs that we get to compare and appreciate their great works. At least that’s the only good thing about epic design fails. So, it’ time to pay tribute (once again) to the designers who are so bad at their jobs. While we understand that everyone (even a designer) makes mistakes, these failures are so blatantly outrageous that they’re beyond our understanding.

Were the designers drunk when they made these things? Did they purposely mess up their works for some reason? It’s just hard to comprehend how a professional designer can create such an outrageous mistake. Product designs, architecture, advertisements, landscapes, public signage – these things are made to make our daily lives easier and more convenient. But if these things give you more confusion than assistance, that’s how you distinguish bad designs.


Bad Designs That Will Leave Anyone Confused

“That’s not where teeth go”

bad designs incredible hulk dentist set toy

We’ve compiled another list of bad designs that are confusing, frustrating, and just plain thoughtless. Depending on your tolerance to design failures, these examples will make you either laugh or cringe.

“Sewer cover on bicycle track wide enough for the wheels to get stuck”

bad designs sewer cover wide holes


“Looks good on the package, not so much when worn”

frozen face mask fail


“We cut kids”

ad poster fail we cut kids


“My glasses have an Oakley’s logo in the bottom left lens. I frequently think there is a smudge on my glasses, but nope!”

glasses logo on the lens


“People wearing face masks looking like monsters”

bad designs face mask monster teeth


“This Harry Potter DVD collection”

harry potter dvd collection ocd


“I’m having an aneurysm just looking at this”

bad designs elevator buttons


“They built this school like one month ago.”

bad designs school stairs for short students


“We don’t need that corner, I guess…”

Incomplete basketball court


“My girlfriend has a pair of gloves and all of the fingers are the same length.”

gloves same length fingers


“Luckily Covid doesn’t spread sideways”

waiting line markers too close


“I think the steak house I went to is going through an identity crisis.”

bad designs canada texas flag


“Join hands” to make hospitals “infection free”

bad designs infection free ad


“This intentional design on this hoodie.”

bad designs expensive tie dye hoodie

Source: Reddit