Clever Stores That Go The Extra Mile

Shopping should be fun. There are times when we stress out about buying the things we need. And while other stores make it a point to give discounts, clever stores try to make the shopping experience easier. That’s what really counts anyway, right? Because an amazing shopping experience gives a lasting impression.

Here we have some clever stores that vow to make your shopping experience easier. Because stores that really care for their clientele spread positivity.


When you can choose how to operate:

clever stores

This store in Korea will let the staff know whether to leave you alone or not.


When unattractive fruit is discounted:


This store gives discounts to goods that are not presentable.


Broken carts have their own tags.


Giving comments made easy.


When your kid can have their own fruit while you go shopping:


Healthy snacks for your little ones.


When skipping school is not tolerated:


A store that cares.


Cold and frozen products are two completely separate things.


This store separates cold and frozen products.


Stop crime using these balls.


The police can now identify shoplifters easily with these balls when thrown at them.


When carts have their own escalators:


This store made escalators for customer carts.


Carts for Dummies.


These carts can help you find your items quicker by telling you where to find the items.


When you can charge your phone while doing some shopping:


No need to worry about running out of battery while you shop.


When your cart has magnifying glasses:


These were installed to make reading tiny prints easier.


When your cart has a cupholder:


Because this is the kind of life we deserve.


Dogs have their own carts too


Prioritize dogs.


Testing your outerwear has never been this high-tech.


This simulation will help you decide what is warm enough.


Waiting in line has never been this fun.


Learn how to dance waltz while queuing.