This Two-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Being A Witch Was Left To Roam The Streets Alone


In Nigeria, as in many other African nations, superstition runs rampant. There remains widespread belief in black magic. Unbelievably, even young children may be accused of witchcraft, by their own parents! Which is exactly what happened to this malnourished two-year-old, seen here being given water by, Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Loven. Named 'Hope' following his timely rescue, the toddler had been abandoned by his parents because they believed him to be a witch! He'd been wandering the streets for a full 8 months prior to his rescue! Thankfully, Hope is now on the way to recovery! Take a look!
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Hope was badly malnourished and in dire need of water when he was found by aid workers.





He was emaciated and barely alive!


Aid workers gently cared for him, cleaning him up and giving him small amounts to eat, as his system couldn't process a full meal.



Following his rescue, the boy was clinging to his life. He looked so sad.


Thankfully, he slowly started to regain some strength!




That smile says it all!

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