Epic Design Fails That Will Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing

They say good design is a public good. That’s why we have engineers and professional designers working to enhance every possible aspect of life. However, some people think they can have their hands on designing without the aid of skilled engineers and proficient designers. And most of the time, these people come up with epic design fails. Which will lead you to wonder and ask ‘why on earth would they do that?’

Take a look at these 15 photos of design failures that were seemingly created just to make people laugh.

15.  Did somebody moved the door? Or the designer was drunk?


14.  This is cereal, by the way.


13.  Some genius tried to dig a sink.


12.   The one who made this keyboard must really hate the letters ‘S’ and ‘D’.


11.  You just need to break the door if you want to open your closet.


10.  Introducing, the earphone that can stab the ear drum in your left ear.


9.   Bloody carpet!


8.   Look closely at this picture and you can see the text faintly visible. For what it’s worth, this information is supposed to assist people during emergency situations.


7.  The engineer took consideration of those commuters who wish to get drenched in the rain while waiting for the bus.


6.  The man on the picture isn’t the murderer. This newspaper might’ve wanted to make it appear so. Misleading headline at its best.


5.  They must have ran out of words starting with ‘J’.


4.  ‘Because kids would enjoy pulling tissues from Spiderman’s butt!’, said no one ever.


3.   The design of this door contradicts all logic.


2.  And here I thought I’d never see the day when books can finally play music.

  1.   Count your bananas.