Funny Design Fails That Will Have You Laughing Into Next Week

These designers must have been on another plane when they created these funny design fails. People often overlook the talent of designers. What seems to be just a simple creation was actually a result of a designer’s optimum effort and research. Of course, designers make things look so easy to build because they have the expertise to accomplish that. But there is actually more to designing than meets the eye.

So what happens when designers don’t get the credit they deserve? They tend to intentionally mess up just to get your attention. This is the only probable explanation to these design flops. We have gathered the funniest design fails that will boggle your minds and make you laugh out loud.


Now this is a complete waste of time.

And the owner of this gym wonders why they have no members signing up.

Who wants to slide out of the elephants bottom? Don’t all run at once.

If you want something then you’ve got to work hard for it.

The cyborg baby is born.

What exactly does it want you to do then?!

How about a little wash while you’re sat waiting. No? Didn’t think so.

Bad designs that will have you laughing


Did the garage shrink down or did the car grow up?

That’s showing too much detail.

A slice of grapefruit won’t do the trick here but nice try.

Transparency is good but never in a bathroom.

This leaves you wondering what kind of tragedy this family has suffered.

Tell Jessica that she needs to hide her family right now.

Privacy is completely and utterly dead.

What did Bob the minion ever do to make him suffer like this?