Terrible Design Fails That Will Leave You Wondering Why

#10 He just followed what was written. And the narrator explains that it was his last day at work. The end.

DorkMasterFresh / reddit

#11 When you want to cover up your mistakes but you still get caught anyway. Nice try!

ZafiPuffy / reddit

#12 I think it will be best if these things will be used opposite to how they should be used. Don’t you think?

Social_Hazard / reddit

#13  Almost there, but somewhere along the process, the person who made this got tired and realized the meaning of life.

Killmovezz / reddit

#14 Nice room! Lol

HAZMA7 / reddit

#15 Well, this is where teamwork should be applied. SMH!

silence_hr / reddit

#16 They probably want us to imagine for ourselves.

babygaterrr / reddit

#17 What a very unlikely dog you got there.

mitus-2 / reddit

What can you say about these terrible design fails? Now what about you, have you encountered things like these before? Share us your thoughts.