People Have Been Sharing Unbelievable Designs They’ve Seen And Here Are 50 Of The Funniest

When it comes to design, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. While there are lots of good designs that are quite impressive, we also can’t deny the bad and ugly side of design development. And if great designs deserve compliments, crappy designs are also worthy of attention to. Just admit it, you love poking fun at other people’s mistakes. And it’s more hilarious when people who are supposed to make things look good and more convenient end up failing big time.

People hire designers because they’re confident that these professionals will surely come up with a great design. Whether it’s for a building, product concept, advertisement, packaging, signage and even newspaper layout, the role of a designer is indeed indispensable. It’s a given that designers know their thing. So, it’s really surprising to see crap designs that can either make you laugh, cringe or both. All the more, these epic fails make us wonder whether these so-called designers just committed some honest mistakes or they’re intentionally goofing up to earn some laughs.


Crappy Designs That Are So Bad They’re Good

The subreddit Crappy Design is dedicated in paying tribute to all the bad designs that were found in different parts of the world. Of course, the internet world is not exempt from this. If you’re more fascinated by design atrocities than the good ones then look no further than this subreddit page. The online community has amassed over 2.3 million members since it was founded in 2011. On the page, you can find countless epic design fails that people have come across both from the real world and the virtual world.


“Cheap web cams have impressive features”


“A scene from an Indian TV show.”


“Idk I’m European”

We’ve picked out the funniest examples of crappy designs that are utterly unforgivable. Indeed, you don’t need to be a designer to tell how bad and ugly these creations are. You’ll surely agree with us when we say that these design abominations shouldn’t have seen the light of day in the first place. Nonetheless, they’re good for a laugh so we’re fine with that.


“This Captain of the Submarine in my English book.”


“That’s not how it works”


“They said you will be in the front page, but didn’t mention what the title of next article going to be”


“People wearing face masks looking like monsters”


“Yellow font on a cream background”


“They stopped construction on the new Burger King in my hometown because the building is backwards. They put a whole building up BACKWARDS!”


“This isn’t even my final form.”


“Black one is salt, white one pepper.”


“Welcome to “The Cut” Forest Recreation Area. This font threw me for a loop. Delete if not allowed.”


“Hiding money inside something that could easily wind up in the fireplace.”


“We cut kids”


Stay Home


“this bath bomb’s final color”


Social Distancing


“This graph”


“Wow! What a bargain!”


“Eh, chimney’s tall enough”


“Blobfish Supra”


“I’m having an aneurysm just looking at this”


“Everything in my mother’s shampoo bottle is written LIke ThAT”


“What’s the worst that could happen?”


“Finally a deal that suits my acquired taste”


“No broken legs i know of”


“We don’t need that corner, I guess…”


“Can someone tell me what this jacket is actually made of?”


“Complex oral care”


“This “Muddy Waters” Poop dress I found on depop.”


“In Turkey, we have footpaths with embossed yellow tiles to help blind people.”


“Almost perfect”


“I mean, of all the design choices, you chose this”


“No entry, entrance only”


“These bathroom stalls”


“A leaflet I found in work”


“Every day I am thankful to live in the land of the because of the brave USA free”


“Enjoy a nice massage in a moving car with your eyes closed”


“went to the park to shoot some hoops today…”


“You had me at hell!”


“A solar-powered streetlight under a bridge in Hong Kong”


“This lift where the button for the ninth floor is just an inverted sixth floor button.”


“This $4 swan pool float from the dollar store”


“I thought she peed herself for a sec.”


“You thought tide pods looked like candy.”


“The Braille on the “ALARM” and “STOP” button on this bus are the same”


“Because why pave the actual pathway”


“This unnecessarily zig-zag’d sidewalk”


“This ad bomb that’s guaranteed to wake up my baby.”

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