Volkswagen Have Upgraded Their Classic Campervan With A Futuristic Look That Runs On Electricity

Would you happen to be interested in an electric vehicle that’s both classic and also futuristic? That’s the Volkswagen Type 20. Do you want to know more about it? If so, read on.

Volkswagen camper vans coming from the 1960s have always fascinated people who would stylishly hit the road. Of course, they can be quite expensive, though, especially if you would consider the fuel requirement. And yet, the manufacturers of this German car have revealed, just recently, a unique idea for a vehicle that hits you on a nostalgic experience without destroying the environment and breaking the bank.

The inspiration? It’s the 1962 Type 2 microbus with 11 windows. So, what’s the new car called? It’s called the Volkswagen Type 20. And, its updates are a real deal-breaker: an electric power and a quite futuristic look.

volkswagen type 20 electric vehicle

So, the Volkswagen Type 20 is an electric vehicle that sends you to a 1960s nostalgia but with a futuristic twist.

Indeed, that’s the case. In fact, you may consider it as a celebration of innovative auto design that has been going on for two decades now. It’s also quite a token for the launch of the IECC — the Volkswagen engineering center located in California. The IECC, by the way, is also Volkswagen’s largest research institute outside of Germany. Says its Senior Vice President, Nikolai Reimer:

“We are excited to move into our next chapter as the IECC, to continue designing innovations that will bring the Volkswagen group vehicles into the future with cutting-edge technology. The Type 20 is a fantastic example of how we celebrate our heritage while striving to advance our technology.”

Indeed the Volkswagen Type 20 is retro and futuristic at the same time. Being an electric vehicle, it features a BEV drivetrain — an electric battery with 10 kWh of capacity. It also has a 2500-watt charger onboard, plus a 120-horsepower electric motor with 173 lb-feet of torque.

Moreover, it has a suspension that is custom-designed such that you can adjust the car’s ride height — and that’s going to happen while the driver is approaching. Well, if you still want more, the electric vehicle even has a computer chip provided Nvidia (yes, the gaming company). This chip allows for biometric identification. The method? It’s facial recognition.

Here’s the Volkswagen Type 20 — an electric vehicle with a concept based on the original 1962 Type 2 camper.

parked volkswagen type 20 electric vehicle


battery volkswagen type 20 electric vehicle

The Type 20 features an electric battery, and it’s totally powered high.

battery volkswagen type 20 electric vehicle

Needless to say, it’s quite impressive for car technology. What’s even more amazing is the fact that it somehow celebrates the Type 2 camper. That classic has received a modern feel in the form of the Type 20 — with all the custom wheels, the rearview mirror that has supports minimizing weight and maximizing strength, and all the highlights in fluorescent orange.

volkswagen type 20 electric vehicle

The electric vehicle even employs facial recognition!

stirring wheel volkswagen type 20 electric vehicle


sideview mirror volkswagen type 20 electric vehicle


lights volkswagen type 20 electric vehicle

Source: Volkswagen