People Share The Times They Saw Mannequins Acting Strangely

Mannequins are an integral part of store displays. Aside from helping shoppers visualize how certain clothes would look like when worn, they also add visual interest to product displays. Unfortunately, with their perfectly proportioned bodies and picture-perfect poses, most of them do set some unrealistic beauty standards too. However, there are also a few ones that defy the norm by being their quirky selves. Case in point, these funny mannequins prove that life as a “fashion figure” is not always as fantastic and glamorous as it seems.

To be fair, it’s a tough life that these creatures are living. Imagine staying in one spot while holding a pose all day long—they definitely deserve a break! Apparently, some of them had finally grown tired of putting their best foot forward that they decided to show a bit of their “personality.” From defying unrealistic beauty standards to being expressive of their feelings, these mannequins prove that they’re more than just inanimate creatures. Keep scrolling down to see for yourself!


“This mannequin has a beer belly.”


“Every morning on my way to work, I feel a deep spiritual connection with this mannequin”


“But I don’t wanna be a mannequin!”


“Target’s unrealistic body expectations”


“Cheer up, mannequin, it’s supposed to be the best day of your life…”


“I see your Nordstrom mannequin, and I raise you Macy’s.”


Overly Sad Mannequin


“This dress blew her mind.”


“This hyped up mannequin.”


“Shadow gives this mannequin a fabulous mustache.”


Holland’s Sauciest Mannequin


These funny mannequins prove that life as a “fashion figure” is not always as fantastic and glamorous as it seems

On a more serious note, we have to commend the mannequin manufacturers and visual merchandisers behind these hilarious displays. Aside from making shopping more enjoyable than it already is, they also gave these mannequins a chance to show off their attitude and express their feelings. Who would have thought that they can relate to our struggles too?


“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”


“Tired of Nike’s unrealistic body expectations for men”


“When your parents would make you show them the clothes you just tried on…”


“This Mannequin”


Mannequins in Japan


“This mannequin has tattoos”


“Parenting level… 2.5?”


“These ornaments make store mannequins look like Sims”


“Went to Romania recently, these mannequins gave me nightmares”


“This clothing display.”


“Kid got hungry”

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