30 Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Are Totally Relatable

Is it really fun to be a parent? Well, to give you a better understanding of parenthood, we’ve compiled another list of hilarious parenting tweets.

Parents were particularly put to the test when the quarantine and work-from-home policy began in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Juggling between household chores, work and home schooling, parents were indeed faced with a gruelling challenge. Thankfully, we’ve pulled through the most difficult part of the situation as restrictions begin to ease up. Social media also played a huge part on lessening the burdens of parents because it provided them with an ideal platform where they could express their sentiments and thoughts. Well, considering the fact that everyone is in quarantine and there’s no one close by whom they can turn to.


Funny Parenting Tweets To Cheer You Up

When it comes to interesting experiences, parents have plenty of stories to tell. And Twitter is just the place to share all the amusing things they’ve encountered as a parent. Well, they did say that children could bring so much joy. And most tweets are all about the hilarity of their kids and the happiness they bring.



Of course, many parents could also relate to these hilarious posts that mostly talk about the fun side of parenthood. But if you’re seriously planning to become a parent, you also need to recognize the not-so-fun side of it. The truth is, being a parent can be emotionally and intellectually draining. Not to mention, it’s a lifetime commitment that requires a lot of sacrifice including time, money, freedom and even a career. While having kids gives you a solid goal in life, expect to encounter some hardships along the way. And trust us when we say that parenthood isn’t smooth sailing at all.



All parents have their own fair share of struggles and some of them prefer not to talk about it. If they are to say anything about being a parent, they would tend to focus on the bright side alone. Being optimistic despite the difficulties can go a long way. And it’s always uplifting to hear other parents sharing their own problems that you can really relate to. It’s simply because you get to realize that you’re not the only one with same problem. But always remember that there’s no standard in becoming a perfect parent. Besides, there is no such thing as a perfect parent to begin with.



Parenthood has its ups and downs, that’s to be expected. But as we always say, it’s wise to look at the brighter side of the situation. Take these parents who shared these hilarious tweets for example. If you have some interesting parenting stories to tell, don’t hesitate to share with other parents who are in need of some cheering up.




















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