This Floating Coffee Cup Is A Stylish Addition To Anyone’s Kitchen

We all need our cups of warm coffee in the morning to help us kick-start the day. Indeed, the aroma and flavor of coffee are a pleasure for the palate and the brain. And we’ve found this floating coffee cup sculpture to heighten your happiness and levels of motivation even more. A decorative piece in the form of spilling coffee, this visual treat is like caffeine to the eyes. And this stunning work of art should become a staple on every caffeine lover’s table.

This coffee cup sculpture is a freestanding piece of décor that you can place on any flat surface. It features a tilted cup with the liquid coffee spilling from it. The splatter acts as the base where the accent décor stands. So, it gives the illusion that the white mug is floating on air while its content is pouring down. This eye-catching piece will be perfect for the coffee corner in your kitchen or in the living room. It also makes a suitable piece of décor for coffee shops and cafes.


Floating Coffee Cup Sculpture

spilling coffee mug decorative

This fantastic floating sculpture is made of durable high quality plastic designed with realistic details. Its unique suspended construction is guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention. What’s more, the spilling coffee is available in three colors including brown, black and beige. So, you can choose your color depending on how you personally like your cup of Joe. It also comes in multicolor options (rainbow, blue and red) if you’re looking for a more whimsical piece of décor.

floating coffee cup sculpture colors


spilling coffee mug decor


spilling coffee mugs decor


floating coffee cup sculpture liquid colors


spilling coffee mug decor multicolor

You can also use the splatter-shaped base to hold coffee beans or any small items. It measures 6 inches tall, the cup is 3.11 inches wide and the splatter base measures 2 inches wide. A perfect gift for any coffee lover, it makes a spectacular addition to any bedroom, study room, office, she cave, man cave and more. Express your obsession with coffee in the most enchanting way by adding these sculptural pieces to every corner of your home.

floating coffee cup sculpture decor


spilling coffee mug decor black


floating coffee cup sculpture beige


floating coffee cup sculpture multicolor


spilling coffee mug decors


floating coffee cup sculpture black

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floating coffee cup sculpture

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