Starbucks Has A Set Of Spooky Reusable Cups Perfect For Halloween

Fall is here and we’re falling head over heels in love with the Starbucks Halloween Cups. This year’s lineup of Halloween-centric cups, like the Matte Black Tumbler that came out in August, are the perfect vessels for our favorite Starbucks potions. The twin tailed mermaid seems to have mastered the art of casting the cup frenzy spell on its patrons, because these cups are already a hit among casual cup collectors and dedicated collectors alike.

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For their hot cup collection, Starbucks has decided to take a departure from the typical neon orange and black color scheme. This year’s collection comes in muted palettes without compromising the Halloween vibe. Each pack contains six 16-ounce cups with six matching black lids so that you can mix and match your drink vessel whenever you feel like it!

These Starbucks Halloween Cups have a muted but spooky appeal


In every pack, you will find an array of spooky cups that come in different colors. The cups come in tints of gray, black, sage green, magenta, and bone white. The spooky cup collection incorporates Halloween imagery such as skulls, black cats, and cobwebs. Fun, right?

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Get yourself Starbucks Halloween cups on Etsy or here. It’s a pretty good deal, right?!

This isn’t the first time Starbucks took Instagram by storm with their cups

Aside from their delicious coffee concoctions, Starbucks is famous for releasing the prettiest reusable cups. In the spring of this year, Starbucks took Instagram by storm when they debuted a collection of color-changing tumblers. They’re no longer available in Starbucks locations, but they’re retailing for about $25 per pack by resellers, which isn’t the worst markup in the world (considering Starbucks’ reusable holiday cups from 2018 were selling for $25 each). You can get some non-branded cups from Amazon here.

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These aren’t the only Halloween cups that Starbucks has to offer. Also included in the collection is a cup that bears a sparkly cobweb and features a hot pink straw. Another option is a cup that features a smorgasbord of Halloween elements. Starbucks certainly has done it again, and everything is so perfectly spooky that we’re having a hard time choosing which cup is our favorite.

It seems that Starbucks is spoiling us cup options because they’ve already announced their holiday cup collection. So if you want to have a spooky cup to sip your Pumpkin Spice Latte or Cinderella Latte, you’d best get on your fastest broomstick before all the Halloween cups vanish from the shelves of Starbucks.