Starbucks Is Selling Matte Black Cups For All Your Witchy Needs This Fall

Don’t you realize that your Starbucks tumbler says a lot about your personality? Take, for instance, the new Starbucks Matte Black Spiked Cup. If you happen to have or like to have one of these, then you could be some badass whom we can’t talk to unless you’ve already had your coffee.

Sounds quite right, doesn’t it?

Well, thanks to the first Reddit user who spotted the unique cup — flwerp0wer — we now have an idea. He posted it on the r/Starbucks Reddit forum. From the photo, the tumbler looks quite large. Its main feature? A matte black design that’s really goth. Of course, it also wears the classic logo of the coffee company, with all those fantastic studs and ridges.

starbucks matte black spiked cup

If you come to think of it, the Starbucks Matte Black Spiked Cup has the power to match your Halloween theme needs! Anyhow, it’s still great to have one even during the summer.

The Starbucks Matte Black Spiked Cup is one to grab for your Halloween party. But it still stands out if you use it at any other time.

According to the commenters on the Reddit post, the special Starbucks cup would start filling stores by late August. And yet, some photos also reveal that at least one Starbucks store has already displayed some! So, it remains up to you to catch the witchy tumblers!


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If you can’t seem to find the Starbucks Matte Black Spiked Cup in your area, you may opt to try other similar looking tumblers on the market.

On the other hand, one Instagram user, @synthia72, seems to hint that the company is releasing another matte tumbler, plus reusable travel mugs saying, “Coffee. Set. Go.” There also appears to be a purple travel mug — all shiny at that — and it seems to be showing off some really spooky feels.

Yeah, it seems like these tumblers are the perfect ones to go with your iced Pumpkin Spice Lattes.